Professionals from SMEs and adult education providers can benefit from training to be promoted in Portugal, Greece and Cyprus!

The GrowINg partnership is designing a training of 25h to 30h, organized in four modules to be delivered in February/March 2022:

Managers and human resources managers from SMEs and professionals and consultants acting in adult education are the targets of this capacitation programme. Thus, by attending the training, these professionals will be able to use some of the strategies and tools available in the following supports:

Are you interested to know more or to be contacted to participate in this training? Please contact the organization of your country responsible for it:

  • Portugal – Mentortec | Andreia Monteiro – and AEP | Oriana Noronha –
  • Greece – iED | Maria Skoufi – and AKMI | Vasiliki Karababa –
  • Cyprus – DOREA | Viktorija Triuskaite –

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