If you are looking to establish a culture of learning at the workplace in your company, check out the Handbook for Entrepreneurial Skilled Employees that is finally here!

The Handbook is divided into 4 chapters to help companies assess and develop employees’ entrepreneurial skills at the workplace. These will help companies define their strategies, evaluate, promote and strengthen employees’ skills and teach them how to overcome challenges.

The Handbook describes an online entrepreneurial skills assessment tool developed by the GrowINg consortium, that focuses on 10 main entrepreneurial skills and is divided into 3 main areas: Ideas & Opportunities, Resources and Into Action. Besides explaining the structure of the tool, how it is used and the benefits that can be extracted from its results, the Handbook also proposes 45 activities to help employees develop their entrepreneurial skills. These initiatives include meetings, mentoring sessions, workshops, outdoor activities, among many others.

Check out the Handbook here to start GrowINg!

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