On the 8th of October, the team jointly tested the entrepreneurial skills self-assessment tool!

Nine elements of the GrowINg team joined on the 8th of October 2021 to test internally the two entrepreneurial tools:

  • the online entrepreneurial skills self-assessment tool
  • the handbook for entrepreneurial skilled employees

The first part of the session consisted of answering the online entrepreneurial skills self-assessment tool. Here, partners had to answer to the tool as if they were an employee or an organization, in order to be able to provide feedback for improvement.







The second part consisted in simulating 3 of the 45 activities of the handbook, which were:

  • The Freedom Diagram, proposed by AKMI, to assess the self-awareness and self-efficacy of employees
  • Alternate Uses, proposed by iED, to promote spotting opportunities by thinking outside the box
  • Emergency Round Tables, proposed by Mentortec, to evaluate participants ability to mobilize resources

At the end of the session, the consortium agreed to incorporate partners’ feedback, to make the tool and the activities as great as possible!

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