The GrowINg consortium published the GrowINg Research Matrix!

As part of the process of development of the project’s approach the partnership structured and released the research matrix. With this matrix, the partners made an analysis of the main findings of the research performed – Career Guidance and Learning in SMEs – Final Report – and jointly match the entrepreneurial competences identified in the study with the ones described on the EntreComp – The European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework.

The matrix is structured in four main sections:

  1. Introduction – short overview of the context of development of the matirx
  2. Definitions of entrepreneurship and EntreComp – entrepreneurship as defined in the EntreComp and its goals
  3. Methodology of the research and GrowINg matrix – match between the competences identified in the research and the EntreComp
  4. Contributions to the design of the framework –  tips for the development of the project’s approach

The matrix is available in English here.

After launching the matrix, partners started to work on the Framework for Learning at the Workplace.

Follow the progress of the project at the LinkedIn page!