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GrowINg pillars

In this space, are provided documents and good practices (download available here) to inspire managers, human resources managers and other professionals from European SMEs to design and implement strategies to assure:

  • An effective career guidance to their employees
  • The promotion of learning opportunities in the workplace
  • The assessment and development of employees’ entrepreneurial skills

Manual de Gestão de Pessoas e do Capital Humano (PT)

Gestão de Pessoas 4.0: 10 Tendências e Desafios (PT)

Corporate Entrepreneurship: A Study on Entrepreneurial Personality of Employees (EN)

A Practical Model for Professional Training at the Workplace (EN)

Guiding workplace learning in vocational education and training: a literature review (EN)

A Study on the effectiveness of occupational trainings of insurance on the performance of the insurance companies’ employees in terms of entrepreneurial skills (EN)

Guide for Training in SMEs (EN)

Career-oriented culture of SMEs and millennial generation (EN)

Leveraging Training and Skills Development in SMEs: An Analysis of Two Canadian Urban Regions – Montreal and Winnipeg (EN)

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