Working groups were settled in Portugal, Cyprus and Greece in the context of the GrowINg project. These groups integrate more than 30 professionals experts in human resources management, adult education and career guidance in companies. From February to March 2021 3 national meetings were done to:

  • Promote the analysis and discussion about the quality, relevance and adequacy of the document “Career Guidance and Learning in SMEs” (available in English, Portuguese and Greek)
  • Ensure the match between the document and the expectations and needs of SMEs and training providers
  • Ensure the validation of the document by the end-users

Overall, experts consider that the document contains relevant information to assure workers’ career management and capacity building. Experts consider that the report is relevant to raise companies awareness related to the lifelong learning framework and the key role of workers in co-shaping strategies for it. Some suggestions were made and the following topics will be considered in the development of project’s outputs:

  • The relevance of entrepreneurial skills in enterprises’ context, clarifying its concept
  • The scope and understanding of “career management at the workplace”
  • Best practices on evaluation of intra-business training programs
  • The need of integrating strategies related to the COVI-19 implications on SMEs
  • The positive impact of the training and capacity building initiatives in the competitiveness and innovations of companies (including relevant studies, financial analysis and testimonies)

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