The GrowINg consortium launches an open call for the identification and registration of experts and professionals to integrate the National Working Groups to be established in Portugal, Greece, and Cyprus!

The objective of this call is to invite experts and professionals acting in the fields of human resources management, career guidance, adult education and training working in or with companies, to integrate national meetings of discussion of the GrowINg project. These meetings will take place between February 2021 and April 2022, gathering 10 participants in each meeting and country to discuss the publications and resources produced by the consortium. In total, partners expect to promote four national meetings of these working groups focus on the following topics:

  • Meeting #1 – “Career Guidance and Learning in SMEs” – February 2021
  • Meeting #2 – “Learning at the Workplace” – April/2021
  • Meeting #3 – “Entrepreneurial competences in SMEs” – November/2021
  • Meeting #4 – “Capacity Building for Entrepreneurial SMEs” – April/2022

This schedule is indicative and may be adjusted following the progress of the project implementation.

At this stage, the consortium is inviting experts and professionals from Portugal, Greece and Cyprus to proceed with their registration to integrate the working group of their country. The registration is open to all experts and professionals interested to contribute to the project, willing to participate in the meetings and to share their experience and learning with other experts and professionals.

In this first phase experts can proceed with the registration in the working groups until the 5th of February 2021 and it can be done by filling in this form. Any question our doubt can be clarified by the country managers of the working groups identified below:

This project aims to promote the capacity of Small and Medium Enterprises integrating the active process of career management and development of entrepreneurial competences of their workers, in the internal policy of Human Resources Management.

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